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Leadership, Management and Strategy Lessons from Stern at NYU Abu Dhabi



Supporting leadership, management, and strategic business education in the Middle East and North Africa region, NYU Stern School of Business and NYU Abu Dhabi have partnered to launch the Stern at NYUAD One-year Full-time Master of Business Administration in January 2025.

A first-of-its-kind MBA program in the region, the Emirati leaders of tomorrow, emerging professionals from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, aspiring entrepreneurs from the Middle East and North Africa, and globally-minded international students are now being invited to register, learn, and develop the knowledge and skills required to add professional value and to support the progression of their regional careers.

In 2024, NYU – and by extension NYUAD – was ranked #27 in the world according to the Times Higher Education. As a result a strong global intake is expected for the upcoming program.

However, prospective students from the region are being strongly encouraged to apply as global and local leadership, management, and strategy will be key areas of educational interest for those seeking professional advancement.

A Regional Opportunity for Growth

As global companies seek to do more business in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), a growing number of professionals with world-class skills and global expertise will be required to capitalize on emerging business opportunities and private sector growth.

To meet this demand, the Stern at NYUAD MBA program in Abu Dhabi has been established to equip the region’s future leaders, managers, and strategists with the skills required to support this dynamic business expansion.

A transformational opportunity for students with a focus on a sector-specific career in management, or for those determined to become a pioneering entrepreneur or business leader of tomorrow, this MBA in the UAE promises students a comprehensive learning experience, and a chance to generate insights that can help to advance knowledge-based economies.

Program Overview

The Stern at NYUAD One-year Full-time MBA in Abu Dhabi prepares students to strategically advance their career by focusing on the key business disciplines of leadership, strategic thinking, and managerial decision-making.

Core curriculum courses within the MBA program cover Leadership in Organizations and Strategy, and the Leadership, Management, and Strategy specialization offers students an opportunity to develop their leadership potential, while better understanding the strategic challenges, techniques, and burdens associated with growing, competing, and prospering in the marketplace.

A Management Focus

Included in the Leadership in Organizations course are the management ecosystem and associated processes. The individual skills and advanced strategic thinking required to serve as an effective senior manager will be explored as part of this. Students can also learn about the challenges of highly dynamic business environments, the complexity of managing global enterprises, how best to shape a healthy corporate culture, how to manage politics and conflict between individuals and organizational units, and more.

Developing the Region’s Strategic Business Leaders

The Stern at NYUAD One-year Full-time MBA program also offers an immersive experience, where individuals can learn to become informed and balanced leaders.

With an emphasis on calibrating classroom education with experiential learning, students can secure both theoretical knowledge and a clear understanding of how to apply key leadership principles in real-world professional scenarios.

The leadership curriculum also focuses on skills relating to emotional intelligence, conflict resolution, and effective communication, foundational skills required for cross-cultural leadership success.

By securing a robust understanding of business strategy, and combining that knowledge with a range of well-practiced interpersonal skills, graduates of the Stern at NYUAD One-year Full-time MBA program will be well prepared to lead diverse teams in multicultural settings, in a culturally sensitive manner.

The program has also been structured to encourage students to adopt an adaptive and forward-thinking mindset – vital if the program’s developing leaders are to navigate rapidly evolving regional and global business landscapes.

In Summary

Based in Abu Dhabi, one of the world’s most rapidly growing and diversified economies, the international and regional MBA student and graduate experience at Stern at NYUAD will be exceptional.

Mirroring the UAE’s commitment to educational opportunities that raise the bar of academic excellence, the partnership between NYU Stern School of Business and NYU Abu Dhabi will offer students a unique opportunity to develop cross-cultural leadership skills, organizational management proficiencies, and strategic business insights, all while gaining real world experience in a variety of local and international business environments.

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