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Global Networking: The Role of MBA Programs in Connecting with the Middle East Business Community




Garvin Reid

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has emerged as a vibrant hub for global business in the Middle East. As it continues to thrive, Stern at NYUAD’s One-year Full-time MBA program is pivotal in fostering connections between aspiring leaders and the dynamic business community. Along with providing academic excellence, the program prioritizes networking opportunities and creates connections between students and local businesses.

Events and Networking: One of the standout features of Stern at NYU Abu Dhabi’s MBA program is its commitment to organizing events that serve as invaluable networking platforms. These events bring together students, faculty, and prominent figures from the Middle East business community and create a dynamic space for knowledge exchange and relationship building. This allows students to gain insights into the challenges and opportunities in the Middle East business

Summer in NYC: Stern at NYU Abu Dhabi actively seeks to bridge the gap between classroom learning and real-world experience. During their time in New York City, students participate in two Doing Business in New York City courses, exposing them to NYC, a global business hub. Through these courses, students gain a deeper understanding of the issues, opportunities, and challenges multinational businesses face. The curriculum includes classes, events, and guest speakers to provide students with a truly enriching experience.

Experiential Internship: The Experiential Internship Course in the Stern at NYUAD One-year Full-time MBA program offers a unique learning opportunity for students. During the four Abu-Dhabi-based modules, students will partner with reputable organizations and learn how to address and tackle strategic business challenges in teams of three to six students. Here, they can apply the skills they have learned throughout the program to real-world situations and generate solutions for their partner companies. This collaborative spirit ensures that MBA graduates are well-prepared to positively impact the region’s business landscape from the outset of their careers.

The Experiential Internship Course fosters successful team collaboration and ensures students gain practical experience. This hands-on approach enhances students’ understanding of the UAE business community and allows them to contribute meaningfully to ongoing projects and challenges local companies face.

Networking with Entrepreneurs: Known for their entrepreneurial spirit, MBA students in the UAE are exposed to unique opportunities to connect with local entrepreneurs who have played a pivotal role in shaping the business landscape. Through the Experiential Internship and the summer term in NY, the MBA program facilitates interactions between students and trailblazing individuals, providing insights into the challenges and successes of entrepreneurship on a global scale. Such personal connections contribute to developing leadership skills and provide a glimpse into the entrepreneurial mindset in the business community.

The Stern at NYUAD One-year Full-time MBA program aims to shape business leaders of tomorrow while actively contributing to the growth and connectivity of the Middle East business community. Through networking opportunities, including events, the summer term in NYC, and its unique Experiential Internship course, the program ensures that students are well-prepared to navigate the complexities of the region’s dynamic business landscape. As the UAE continues to be a focal point for global business, the role of MBA programs in fostering connections will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in shaping future leaders who will drive innovation, sustainability, and prosperity in the Middle East.

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