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A Deep Dive into the Benefits of Specializing in Marketing for your MBA



As a part of the core curriculum, Stern at NYUAD One-year Full-time Master of Business Administration (MBA) students will benefit from the program’s comprehensive Marketing course.

In addition to this overview of marketing principles, this MBA degree in the UAE also will offer students a chance to discover how businesses create and execute an impactful marketing strategy through a specialization in Marketing.

Advantages of Choosing a Marketing Specialization

At Stern at NYUAD, marketing will be at the core of the MBA curriculum for every member of the cohort. However, based on trends seen in other Stern programs, we expect a number of students to take a deeper dive into the subject as part of the program’s Marketing specialization.

The specialization offers numerous advantages, with the program designed to prepare students to fully understand (and apply) an informed marketing perspective across all aspects of business.

This involves developing problem-solving approaches for matching the market mix (products, services, distribution, advertising, and pricing) to the demand of market segments.

Sample elective courses include:

  • Consumer Behavior
  • Ecommerce and Social Media
  • New Product Development
  • Research for Customer Insights
  • Social Media and Digital Marketing

This specialization is applicable to careers in consumer products, brand management, luxury retail, and entertainment and media. All candidates for the MBA program can select the Marketing specialization as one of interest on their application for admission, regardless of past subject experience.

Career Opportunities in Marketing

Marketing-focused MBA graduates add immediate value to any business, offering strategic insights, analytical skills, and a deep understanding of consumer behavior. Stern at NYU Abu Dhabi’s future alumni will also understand a broad range of disciplines, from market research to brand management – and everything in between.

An MBA degree in Abu Dhabi with a marketing specialization will help graduates build effective marketing strategies, support companies as they strategize to drive growth, and secure a company’s share-of-voice and market position.

Maintaining competitive advantage in today’s ever-evolving, hyper-competitive, globalized marketplace is essential. This is why businesses and agencies throughout the Middle East are actively searching for qualified professionals with Master’s level skills and training.

In Conclusion

Globally, alumni that have specialized in Marketing at the NYU Stern School of Business have progressed to secure leading roles within large corporations and agencies, and historically, career prospects for MBA graduates are strong in this field.

With opportunity in mind, a marketing specialization is well worth considering as part of the upcoming Stern at NYUAD One-year Full-time Master of Business Administration (MBA).

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